Monday, May 16, 2011

That Hiking trip

well, this being my next post, I feel like I need to at least explain:
that last post was about the bachelor party/hiking trip in general, but I do not remember what exactly it said. If you can decode it, congratulations, because even I can't. Looks like the whole "blog from your phone" idea has a few bugs.

Anyway, the bachelor party/hiking trip:
We decided to hike around Mt Greylock State Reserve in Massachusetts
We hiked about 12.5-13 miles the first day, we started on Money Brook Trail, but did the hardest trail in the park "Mt Prospect". This trail left us exhausted, causing us to stop just half a mile short of our planned shelter. The next day, we took it easy and did 5-6 miles, stopped at a shelter near a beautiful waterfall, and drank for the rest of the day.  After many tomahawk+knife throws, we set off for the final leg of the trip, 6-8 miles back to the van.
Once we got back, we went for big fat burgers at a local pub.
All in all, I had a great time on this trip.
I have another trip planned for 2 weekends from now, and one kayaking/camping trip in the works between then.
Should be fun!


  1. Sounds like an excellent trip, big burgers are always a great end to a long trek!

  2. 13 miles on that kinda rough terrain is good times heh

  3. Nothing like burgers earned by some arduous hiking.

  4. have fun on your next trip

  5. Outdoors adventures are some of my favorite things, and one of the things I don't care for about my new home in Florida is there's nowhere interesting to hike. No elevation changes. :(

  6. Not bad man, I've been up there before a few years back. Lanesborough is really nice, went during late Fall while I was just taking summer and winter classes and I just love autumn's crisp mountain air and watching lakes frost over.

  7. I thought it would either be a secret message or drunken ramblings. Glad I got it half right.

  8. you should have a look at Geocaching, something cool to do while hiking :)